Maintenance & Cleaning

Kuidaore Chef's Knife

Our knives are made with great care.

Now it's up to you to take great care of them!


Here are some guidelines:

• Kuidaore knives cannot be put in the dishwasher.

• Clean your knife with warm water and small amounts of mild soap. Immediately dry your knife after cleaning.

• After using it, immediately clean and dry your knife. If your knife is in contact with liquids or other substances for too long, it is possible that small corrosion stains appear in your blade or the wood is damaged.

• In case that you do not use your knife for longer periods of time, we advise to lightly oil the blade and the handle with for example olive oil, sunflower oil or Ballistol.

• In case the wood dries out you can treat it with oil. Use oil that is also used for maintaining wooden cutting boards.

• Only use the knives for cutting vegetables, fruit, bread, fish and meat.

• Do not use the knives to cut bones or frozen food.

• Use a cutting board so the blade does not damage and stays sharp.

• The knives can be sharpened using high quality sharpening tools. We advise to have your knives sharpened 1-2 times per year by a professional.